Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Little Update.

Ack! I've been MIA the last few days.  As always, life between GGG and my little ones (and all their activities) is crazy.  We're juggling soccer out the wazoo right now (5 practices and 3 games per week) as well as lots of other odds and ends that comes with 4 little ones.  Time gets away from me and posting on here seems to be the first thing that sorry....I'll work on it.  This week has been epically big in the sewing and shipping departments yay to that!. :)

However, I am feeling just a tad overwhelmed at the moment (okay, to be a little more honest, my head is spinning) as we are also trying to pack things up around here to move...changes and transitions abound!  Mr. GGG and I have exciting plans to build a home in the not to distant future (with a super amazing studio to boot--my vision for GGG is big ), but before we build our dream house, we have to find a good interim home for at least a bit as we continue to pay some bills and figure out what the dream casa looks like.  For the moment, I need to let you all know that customs will be closed until we do get moved and settled in some sort of temporary transitional home.  I'm unsure of how long that will be, but I promise (cross my heart with a cherry on top) that I'll be sure to keep you updated as we go.  If you already have a custom or have spoken to me recently about one and I've committed, you're good, and they should be done soon!  In the next few weeks, my plan is to have more frequent RTS listings as well as a few fun, new "sales" and limited edition MTO dresses that should keep everyone at bay until I am able to reopen custom spots again.  I hope everyone understands my need to take a step back, or maybe just a step in a different direction at this time.  Exciting new things are coming in the future,  I can promise you that! :)