Saturday, July 30, 2011

Blah, Blah, Blah.....

Mr. GGG is working now on sending out emails for the August waiting list (he has volunteered to do it and to take over most of the email correspondence so you all will get faster responses).  I want to share a few things that are on my brain as he does this....first of all, let me affirm that the Aug. waiting list IS being done differently than normal.  During the past few weeks, I have been blessed enough to receive a very large amount of emails requesting custom pieces.  And while I love and appreciate all the interest in GGG, I'm not sure I'm doing a very good job at keeping up with the demand.  In addition, I have two local craft shows coming up in October that I need to use the next couple of months to prepare for.  So, for the next 2 months, the custom system is a little different.  I used to randomly select the people who are on the August list.  Fortunately, it turned out to be a nice mixture of both old and new customers.  I am also limiting the number of pieces to those on the list to two this time around.  My goal as I work through this round of customs, is to also have plenty of opportunities for you score some GGG through other methods including RTG uploads, Made To Order dresses, a few fun shirt uploads (I have some cool ideas for these), and of course, giveaways.  Please keep in mind that on top of all of this, I also will be creating for the craft shows AND most importantly, trying to spend a little extra time loving on my littles before school starts (being a mommy is my most important job of all).  A regular GGG waiting list will resume again in October in time for plenty of holiday dresses!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Congratulations to...

Jennifer Martinez!  The random number generator over at spat out the number 34!  Jennifer, please contact me at so we can discuss your custom set!  As I said on my Facebook page, I'll have a few dresses to upload tomorrow that are ready to ship (well, actually there are at least 9 dresses...and I may get one or two more done between now and then).  Next weekend I'll be uploading some of those skirts that I promised you all weeks ago, and the weekend after than we'll be having an all Disney upload!  So exciting things are to come!  If you're wanting a custom spot for August, don't forget to leave a comment in the blog post below.  I'll be randomly selecting names for the list sometime this week.  I'll also be finishing up many of July's custom orders this week (there may be a few that run into the first week of August, but I'm going to try my best to get them all out asap).  ALSO, I need to catch up on my giveaway prize production first (hee, hee...I do so many I get behind on those, too), but there IS a BIG giveaway coming up in the next few weeks.  And I do mean BIG...stick around guys, you're gonna LOVE it!!!  ;)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The August Waiting List

So I know I have told several people that I would email them when the August list is open, but to be completely honest people, I'm a little overwhelmed by my inbox these days.  I've had so many emails recently inquiring about the Aug. list that I've frankly lost, because I need a way to be fair and because the next 2 months will be working a bit differently since I have two upcoming craft fairs to prepare for, if you'd like to be on the list please leave a comment below.  Include both your name and an email you can be reached at.  I will leave commenting open for the next few days so that everyone who wants to leave a comment has a chance and then I will be randomly selecting a few names.  The August list will be shorter than July's due to some upcoming events, but I will also be offering ready to go uploads on a regular basis over the next two months (starting with an all Disney themed upload in August in response to the many, many emails I've received about upcoming Disney trips)....which I'm totally excited about!    So comment away people, I'm excited as always to see who I will be creating for this month! ;)

Friday, July 8, 2011

The 1000 Fan Giveaway

Oh my goodness, what a week!!!  I've been sort of quiet over on Facebook this week and mostly that's because I've been sewing, cutting, planning, shipping, spending some time with my sweet babies, and sewing some more....I've said it before but I'll say it again, it's so hard to be productive with the computer open!   I do realize a lot of you are waiting on emails and I apologize as I have fallen behind a bit.  The good news is that I've sweet talked Mr. GGG into helping me get caught up...with my help and my voice, he'll be emailing most of you over the next week to answer your questions, send photos, iron out orders, and give you updates!  What a good man! ;)  I will be out of town over the next couple of days playing with my own littles and a few other pretty awesome families that we went through the crazy process of adoption with, but while I'm away, I thought I'd go ahead and put up the 1000 fan Giveaway for you all to have fun with!  I was hoping to get a photo before I put it up to show off the prize a bit, but no such luck.  Hopefully, before it ends, I'll get to that!  Anyway, the 1000 Fan Giveaway will run from now until Friday, July 22nd.  The winner will win a CUSTOM coordinating GGG set which will include a Mama size skirt, a child size skirt (or sibling skirts if there are siblings), and a matching doll skirt!  To enter, please leave a comment on the blog.  For an extra entry, please share about GGG in your Facebook status by hyperlinking the GGG page (do this by typing @Go Go Goldfish into your status bar) to yours, then leave a second comment here letting me know you did it.  The winner will be randomly chosen the evening of July 22nd.  Good luck, friends!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Winner!!!

Thank you to everyone participated in the 900 fan giveaway!  I can't tell you all how very much I enjoy reading all the comments each time I do one!  Thank you also to those of you who shared about GGG or the giveaway on their own Facebook walls...I really can't tell you how much it means that you take the time to do that!  I will try and post a bit more detailed of a rundown of the coming week at GGG in the next day or two when I have it more sorted out (but right now I'm sort of just enjoying some much needed family time this weekend). I'll also be posting the 1000 fan Giveaway sometime very soon, so stay tuned for that as well!  But for now, let's get on with the 900 fan winner!  I plugged the numbers into and it gave me........#9, which belongs to....Judy Vergara!!!!  Congrats, Judy!  Please email me to discuss the details of your new custom creation!  And Happy 4th of July to all...hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!!